Facebook Live Lets You Stream Live Video From Your Computer

Facebook live is now exceeding its reach to desktop and laptop users, after getting invincible popularity among mobile users during last one year.

Nonetheless, before the launch of this feature, people used to share videos from their mobile and computer, using third party source like YouTube or Twitch and after adding their videos, they shared them on facebook but now it will remove this mediator and facebook itself will let you stream your live video within facebook and let you share it with your friends and family members.

While using desktop, it must be enabled with webcam in order to capture the live video right from your computer.

You can do it step-by-step, starting it from opening your facebook account in your preferred browser. Thereafter, click in the status text box, showing the following screen:

Facebook live streams live videos
Learn how to stream live videos with Facebook live

Then click on ‘Live Video’ then enter a short description, choose privacy settings and then tap on ‘Next’ after that it will ask you to give permission to use webcam, then simply click on ‘Allow’ and at last click on ‘Go Live’ and it will start capturing live video.

With this feature, you can share your screen, insert graphics, switch camera or also use additional professional equipment. It also allows you to stream your system gameplay to your friends while you play. This is an important update for facebook in which it has put lot of effort as it was not as easy as it seems and allows it to enable game streaming which has been dominated by YouTube and Twitch till now.

As facebook has come up with additional feature for desktop users to livestream a gaming session but it requires downloading streaming software in order to use this function.

After downloading the software, to create a live stream on facebook go to https://www.facebook.com/live/create

Download streaming software
Learn how to download streaming software

Now click on ‘Create Live Stream’. Then selection the option where you want to appear your live stream be it your timeline, a group, an event, a page or a friend’s timeline.

Streaming software

After choosing the desired option, click ‘Next’. Then following screen will appear:

Video setting
Learn how to do video setting

Now copy and paste the server URL or stream key into the settings of your streaming software. A preview screen will appear. Then give a description, add a video title and video game tag. And finally click ‘Go Live’.

The best thing about this feature is that people can react and comment during live streaming of video. But remember that you don’t share your stream key with any one as if anyone knows your stream key that person can access it to stream video to your post. The stream key will be valid for 7 days and if you don’t go live within 5 hours of the preview screen appearing, it will require you to create a new stream key.

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